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Thumbnail Sketch of the FairTax
Brief summary of the FairTax—explains the benefits of the FairTax.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

FairTax Brochure (pdf)
Forty-page brochure that answers many questions relating to the FairTax concept.

FairTax Pocket Card (pdf)

A Comparison (pdf)
A useful comparison of the FairTax, the Income Tax, and the Flat Tax. This will open a new browser window.

FairTax-vs-Flat Tax (pdf) a comparison

Form Letters
Use these sample letters that you can cut and paste for personal use.

FairTax Tagline
Use this as a one-paragraph description of Americans for Fair Taxation.

Glossary of Terms

Rebate Amounts for Calendar Year 2005 (pdf)

Talking Points
These talking points are designed for a 15-minute speech.

Young and low-income families
Why the FairTax is good for young and low-income families