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2003 Press Archive
Some of the releases may be in PDF format to enable you to print and distribute to your local media if necessary.

December 18 National Farm Bureau membership grows to 5.5 million families By John Vander Molen, AgriNotes & News
December 9 Linder pushing for elimination of income taxes By Jean Caspers-Simmet, Agri News
December 8 Linder takes FairTax talk to FB annual meeting By Tom Block, Iowa Farm Bureau
December 2 FairTax Envisions End Of IRS By Juliet Greer, The Tampa Tribune
December 2 Farm Bureau convention begins Sunday By Gleaner staff, The Gleaner News
December 1 Restoration Weekend: Reshaping the American Future By Tom DeLay, FrontPageMagazine.com
November 30 A new fair tax plan to sweep nation? By Scott Coopwood, Delta Business Journal
November 27 Members Of Congress To Discuss Tax Ideas Tribune Staff Report, The Tampa Tribune
November 26 Farm Bureau committee reviews resolutions General press, Wilson County News
November 24 Bureau head: Update farm law By Steve Miller, Rapid City Journal
November 17 Senate Panel Finds Abuses in Tax Shelter Sales By Albert B. Crenshaw, The Washington Post
November 15 Linder pushes for national sales tax as income tax replacement By Ronell Smith , Athens Banner-Herald
November 14 Scrapping tax system has supporters By John Martin, Courier & Press
November 13 Bush Is Said to Weigh Changes to the Tax Code By Edmund L. Andrews, The New York Times
November 13 Chamber Alliance requests simplified tax code By Todd Dorman, The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier
November 12 Burns, Linder to hold 'FairTax' meeting Online Athens, Athens Banner-Herald
November 9 White House tax proposals don't simplify matters By Donald Ratajczak, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
November 5 On Rethinking the Tax Code By Rep. John Linder, Before the Joint Economic Comittee
November 4 A tax thatís less unfair By Michael Criswell, Stillwater NewsPress
November 2 Not Rich? You'll Pay Anyway By Kevin Adler and Annette F. Simon, The Washington Post
November 1 State: Farm Bureau meeting set By Scott Waltman, AberdeenNews.com
October 31 The Fairer Tax By Pejman Yousefzadeh, Tech Central Station
October 31 TAXATION: Remove temptation Editorial, The Florida Times-Union
October 30 Perdue's political forecast: Smooth By Tom Baxter and Jim Galloway, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
October 27 Georgia legislators' views on the estate tax Q & A of Georgia Representatives, Atlanta Business Chronicle
October 24 Process is too complicated By Dick Grenell, Echo Press
October 22 The FairTax By Jeff Dircksen, The Wall Street Journal
October 22 Tax Breaks for Manufacturers By Steven Pearlstein, The Washington Post
October 21 Keep cash here; repeal tax code By JOHN LINDER, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
October 16 The Forgotten Payroll Tax By Gregory Bresiger, Ludwig von Mises Institute
October 14 Peterson bill would replace the income tax DL Newspapers, DL-Online
October 10 Fiery Black Conservative Running For Congress in North Carolina By Jimmy Moore, Talon News
October 7 Bureau supports Fair Tax Bill By Janet Grafe, The Seguin Gazette-Enterprise
October 6 FairTax supporters aim to eliminate federal tax code Overview, Farm Bureau News
October 6 Congressman discusses FairTax details, outlook Q & A with Rep. John Linder, Farm Bureau News
October 6 Farmers and ranchers would benefit from FairTax By Pat Wolff, Farm Bureau News
October 6 Fair Tax Bill By Jennifer Lawson, The Henssler Financial Group Position Paper
October 6 Johnny Isakson (GA-06) Co-Sponsors Fair Tax Act , Press Release
September 29 Fair Tax proposal best available alternative to current system By Barbara Lovejoy, Nashville Business Journal
September 18 A Bigger IRS or a Smaller Tax Code? By Wayne T. Brough, Ph.D. , Citizens for a Sound Economy
September 16 Tax Filing Set To Become More Time Consuming Under New Laws By Mike Godfrey, Tax-News.com
September 13 Voice of the People By Louis Phillipine, PressofAtlanticCity.com
September The Tax Of Unintended Consequences By Amy Feldman, Business 2.0
August 31 Candidates Talk Taxes By Jim Galloway, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
August 28 Kentucky College Student Praises the FairTax By Josh Sullivan, Kentucky Kernel (University of Kentucky)
August 26 The Joplin Globe Covers the Fair Tax
August 25 Small business owner attuned to concept of fair taxation By Russell Davis, The Business Journal Portland
August 13 Linder hails Fair Tax Act in Forsyth By Leslie McGuinness, NorthFulton.com
July 30 Chambliss Introduces Fair Tax Bill in Senate
July 23 Abolish the Income Tax and the IRS, by Rep. John Linder (R-GA), The Wall Street Journal
April 17 ECONOMY: Being fair Opinon Page, The Florida Times-Union
April 9 Letter to the Editor By Herman Cain, Liberty Tribune
April 8 Letter to the Editor By Herman Cain, Clayplatte Dispatch
March 5 Reform Not an Option: FairTax Restores the American Dream By Herman Cain, Exite Money
March 5 Reform Not an Option: FairTax Restores the American Dream By Herman Cain, iWon Money
March 5 Reform Not an Option: FairTax Restores the American Dream By Herman Cain, Yahoo! Finance
Feb. 07 White House Report Revives Tax Reform Debate
by Rob Wells, Dow Jones Newswires
Jan. 21 'FairTax' Gains Support, American Farm Bureau Press Release
Jan. 07 Linder to Re-introduce FairTax Bill Today: Bill Gaining Momentum on First Day of 108th Congress


2002 Press Archive
Some of the releases may be in PDF format to enable you to print and distribute to your local media if necessary.

Nov. 26 Income Tax to End in Few Years? A WorldNetDaily Exclusive
Nov. 19 FairTax Plan Garners National Attention
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