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2006 Press
Some of the releases may be in PDF format to enable you to print and distribute to your local media if necessary.

January 20 GOP Contest Prompts Yawns Outside Beltway By Jim VandeHei and Shailagh Murray, The Washington Post
January 18 IRS is holding lots of tax refunds while it investigates fraud , whbf.com
January 17 Replace IRS with a national sales tax By John Putnam, Springfield News-Leader
January 17 Middle class expects to gain under the FairTax By Neal A. Frazier, Roanoke.com
January 15 Learn the facts on the FairTax By Eugene M. Baird, Roanoke.com
January 15 FairTax would eliminate all others By Daniel Buonocore, Roanoke.com
January 12 Let's elect honest people to Congress By Lynn Woolley, Human Events Online
January 11 IRS froze refunds without notifications , The Washington Post
January 10 Report: IRS Freezes tax refunds , Associated Press
January 10 I.R.S is Sued on Failure to Release Tax Data By David Cay Johnston, New York Times
January 6 Are you ready to jump on the FairTax bandwagon? By James Williams, Bradford County Telegraph
January 6 Tax Reform? Dream On By Knight Kiplinger, Kiplinger's Personal Finance
January 5 An equitable tax system By Herbert Peter Winona, Winona Daily News
January 5 Replace the federal income tax with a sales tax By Dr. Vince Orza, Edmond Sun
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