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Archive - 2001 Press

Oct. 23 Who Wants a Tax Break?
Oct. 18 The I.R.S. Targets 232,000 Social Security Recipients
Sept. 26 The FairTax Offers Stimulus for Economic Slowdown
Sept. 1 The I.R.S.'s Dirty Little Secret: Hidden Taxes
Aug. 14 Chairman Bill Thomas Calls For Fundamental Tax Reform
July 18 Genuine Tax Reform Gathers Momentum
June 28 Americans Need Fundamental Tax Reform
June 26 R. Glenn Hubbard, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors, spoke in Washington on the topic, "With the Tax Cut in Place, the Next Step is Major Tax Reform."
June 19 World Taxpayers Association Endorses the FairTax
June 04 TAXATION: Time for Part II - The Florida Times-Union
June 02 Become A Voluntary Taxpayer - By John Linder, Member of Congress
June 02 Robert Novak tells it like it is
May 31 IRS Employees Goofing Off?
April 16 FairTax Gets Front Page Headlines On WorldNetDaily
April 4
Americans for Fair Taxation Announces FairTax Bill Introduction
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