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Download the Petition to Mail (pdf)

Petition your congressman and senators to cosponsor the FairTaxsm legislation repealing the current U.S. income and Social Security tax systems and replacing them with the FairTax – a national, retail sales tax charged only on new goods and services.
Pledge to make three calls a week: one congressman & two senators.*
*When you get a Member of Congress on board, replace
that call with a call to the White House.
When you get your next Member on board, call
the Treasury Department, and then the Commerce Department.

Since the current U.S. income tax code is directly responsible for exporting our jobs but not our products, and is unfair, complex, wasteful, confusing, intrusive and costly;

Since the Internal Revenue Service is acknowledged to be deeply flawed, mismanaged, and has victimized many innocent taxpayers, specifically targeting America’s working poor;

Since the current Social Security/Medicare payroll deduction system is a very regressive tax, placing a heavy burden on low/middle income taxpayers and a similar burden on the self-employed;

Since the American people deserve a tax system that:

  • Closes all loopholes;
  • Enables workers to keep their entire paycheck and retirees to keep their entire pension;
  • Frees individuals from ever filing a tax return again;
  • Abolishes the IRS and ends all audits of individual taxpayers;
  • Eliminates all hidden federal taxes;
  • Brings accountability to tax policy;
  • Lets American-made products compete fairly at home and overseas; and
  • Allows every family to buy the basic necessities tax-free.

Therefore, I the undersigned do hereby fully support and encourage every Member of Congress, especially my own, to support and cosponsor HR 25/S 1493 that would repeal the current tax code, abolishing the IRS, and replace it with the FairTax, a simple, single-rate, national retail sales tax, administered uniformly to all eligible American consumers. I also ask my Members of Congress to cosponsor House Joint Resolution 61 for the repeal of the 16th Amendment. Finally, I pledge to make three calls a week, to my congressman and my two senators, until they are all cosponsors of this legislation.


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