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Tips to Organize An Event or Meeting

Select a good time, date, and location.
Maximize the turnout at your meeting by selecting a time, a date, and a location which are convenient for people in your area. Many public libraries have large meeting rooms for public use.
Publicize the meeting:
Design a Flier: Fliers can be posted on bulletin boards or simply handed out. Click here to view a sample of a flier. Print on a bright color paper, yet not on one that causes the type to be hard to read, i.e., red, dark green, etc.
Contact Attendees: Calling the names on your FairTax membership list is the starting point for contacting attendees. But friends, co-workers, and acquaintances of Volunteers - in short, all citizens who pay taxes - are possible attendees. Also, small business owners, members of local chambers of commerce, neighborhood associations, civic and social associations - e.g., American Legion, Jaycees, Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary Clubs.
Contact Media

A media advisory is an announcement in the media. Most papers and some radio and TV stations have a "Community News" segment where they may run your media advisory. A media advisory for a formal FairTax meeting can be run in:

major daily newspapers, smaller weekly newspapers and publications, shopping newspapers, company newsletters, local magazines, local radio stations, local TV stations

Important note: Meeting organizers should not rely on e-mail or the Internet to publicize upcoming local FairTax meetings. They should rely instead on phone calls, flyers, and announcements in the local media.
Use some of the literature found on this website to print and hand out at the meeting.

Stay in Touch After the Meeting

Following up with attendees soon after the FairTax meeting can make the difference between snagging a potential activist that has not yet decided whether to get involved or not.

Contact all attendees, thanking them for their attendance at the meeting, and reminding them about the next FairTax event or meeting. If you have time, send a brief but grateful "Thank You" card to each Volunteer who helped you run the meeting.